Historic Cause of Party Founding Comes True

President Kim Il Sung buckled down to founding the Party after Korea’s liberation (August 15, 1945) on the basis of organizational and ideological preparations he had made during the period of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

In his speech delivered to military and political cadres of the Korean People’s Revolutionary Army on August 20, Juche 34 (1945), he set forth the three-point task of founding a party, state and armed forces in the liberated homeland and set the party founding as the primary task.

In his talk to the military and political cadres and the senior officials of the Wonsan City Communist Party Organizations on September 19, he underscored the need to found the party in such a way of forming party organizations in local areas first and, on this basis, forming the central leadership organ of the party.

He dispatched the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters to different parts of the country in order to build up local party organizations.

They positively readjusted and fortified the existing Party organizations and formed new Party organizations where there had been no organization.

As a result, Party organizations at all levels were formed across the country, to say nothing of all industrial establishments.

Kim Il Sung met with local communists active in different parts of Korea to explain the policy of founding a unified party and led them to the efforts to this end.

He mapped out the organizational and political lines of the party to be founded in the future and took measures for training party officials, while directing the work of anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters active in all provinces.

A preliminary meeting for founding the party was convened on October 5, in which it discussed the issue of establishing the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea as the party central leadership body.

Kim Il Sung convened the Inaugural Congress of the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea in Pyongyang from October 10 to 13, Juche 34 (1945).

On October 10, the first day of the congress, the Central Organizing Committee of the Communist Party of North Korea was formed and the founding of the Party was solemnly declared.

As a result, the historic cause of founding a Juche-type revolutionary party, which started from the formation of the Down-with-Imperialism Union, came true successfully.

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