Intolerable Past Crimes of Japan

Among the past crimes the Japanese imperialists committed against the Korean people is the Ulmi Incident which shows the acme of their brutality, cruelty and impudence.

The Japanese imperialists, who ran amuck to colonize Korea in the late 19th century, failed in an attempt to realize their sinister ambition. They found the reason in the pro-Russian, anti-Japanese policy pursued by Empress Myongsong who held the reigns of the feudal Joson dynasty. So, they made a plot to kill her.

In October 1895, the Japanese government egged a garrison unit, police, hooligans and gangsters on to raid the Kyongbok Palace, the Royal Palace of Korea, at dead of night, under the command of Miura, the then Japanese diplomatic minister in Korea, and killed the Empress. They broke into the Empress’s bedroom and stabbed her to death. In a bid to get rid of the traces of murder they burned her corpse and committed a heinous crime of throwing her ashes into a pond in the palace.

Their murder of Empress Myongsong was a state-sponsored terrorism and A-class crime aimed at realizing the attempt to colonize Korea.

This notwithstanding, the Japanese authorities have not made sincere apology for the Ulmi Incident up to now but are trying to shirk its blames for the incident.

What is more intolerable is that they have embellished and even justified their crime-woven history against the Korean nation, including the sexual slavery of Korean women for the Japanese army and the forcible drafting and kidnapping of Koreans, and are now hell-bent on their ambition for reinvasion.

They totally distorted or sharply reduced the parts dealing with its history of aggression in the textbooks for middle schools to be used from 2021 in a bid to imbue the rising generations with the militaristic view of history and revanchism. They keep visiting the Yasukuni Shrine, symbolic of militarism, ever year, and increase military expenditure and wage aggressive war exercises while clamouring about someone’s “threat.”

It is the manifestation of their wild ambition to realize the old dream for the “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere” by repeating their blood-stained history of aggression.

The Korean people do not forget even for a moment the history of the Japanese imperialists’ past crimes such as the Ulmi Incident, and are firmly determined to make Japan pay dearly for its heinous crimes.

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