Building of Infrastructure Networks in Full Swing

Construction of infrastructure networks in newly reclaimed tidelands is making big progress in the DPRK.

North Phyongan Province realigned thousands of hectares of fields in Honggondo and Kwaksan tidelands.

While giving precedence to the construction of field paths, it is directing efforts to organizing building operations for carrying out in a qualitative way the work of making ridges of paddy fields and digging drainage as required by the designs.

It realigned tens of hectares of fields in Chongsudo tideland despite unfavourable working conditions of marshland full of reed roots.

South Hwanghae Province finished the project of infrastructure networks in many hectares of fields in Ryongmaedo tideland by building hundreds-of-kilometre-long field paths, digging irrigation channels and filling tideway.

Nampho City is also stepping up the same project in Ansok tideland.

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