Japan’s Aggressive War Preparations Slammed

The Defense Ministry of Japan has recently decided to demand about 5 489.8 billion yen, the hugest-ever amount, for the next year’s military budget.

This is a sharp increase as against the last year’s budget alleged to be the biggest. It proves that the Japanese reactionaries’ moves for rounding off the preparations for launching a war of overseas aggression have reached an extremely serious phase.

As has been acknowledged, Japan spends an astronomical amount of money under the signboard of “defense” every year.

This gives rise to the world-shocking expansion of the military power of the insular nation.

The sphere of military operation of the “Self-defense Forces” covers not only the sky, land, sea but also the outer space and cyber space. Against this backdrop, a large amount of money is lavished on organization of new units of aggression and development and introduction of cutting-edge weapons for enhancing their preemptive strike capabilities.

According to the estimated military budget for next year, 72.4 billion yen and 35.7 billion yen would be spent for operations in outer space and cyber space respectively, and 124.7 billion yen for ballistic missile interception.

Japan now seeks to build a special warship and purchase missiles with a range of over 500 km in return for its retraction of the plan for deployment of the ground-based Aegis Ashore missile defense system, calling for possessing the “capability for attacking enemy base.” However, the expense for those projects was not specified in the estimated budget, leaving room for drastically increasing the “defense cost” before drawing up the budget at the end of this year.

Ceaseless increase of military expenditure, development of preemptive strike capabilities of the SDF beyond the principle of “exclusive defense” and expanding overseas advance of the SDF in the form for attack are clearly aimed at launching overseas aggression after holding military supremacy.

All these facts show that the Japanese reactionaries’ undisguised pursuance of the wild ambition for militarization has reached a dangerous phase with each passing day.

Not long ago, Tokyo Shimbun reported that the “defense cost” hits an all-time high in Japan, stressing that the surrounding situation should not be taken as an excuse for increasing the defense cost and expanding the introduction of equipment.

Japan is a country which turned the Asian continent into a sea of blood and committed unprecedented inhuman crimes against the Korean people and other peoples in the world in the previous century. So, Japan’s moves to repeat the past shuddering history of aggression should never be tolerated.

Japan had better cool down the head heated up with fever for aggression and exercise prudence.


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