Fruits Ripen in Northern Alpine Area

In recent years, Ryanggang Province has cultivated various species of delicious fruit trees, including apple and plum, acclimatized to the climate and soil conditions in the northern highland of the country.

Researchers of the sci-tech committee and the agricultural science institute in the province have bred the species of fruit trees with strong resistance to the cold that suit the regional features and spread them to several areas in the province.

Tree nurseries were built at several places, and fruit workteams and sub-workteams organized at cooperative farms to acclimatize those fruit trees.

The fruit trees cultivated in Hyesan City, Kim Hyong Jik County and Samsu County and other northern areas are now heavily laden with ripe fruits.

What is worthy of attention is that apple trees rooted and started to bear fruits in Samjiyon City at high altitude.

The province makes efforts to wildly cultivate high-yielding species of fruit trees adapted to the climate and soil conditions in the northern alpine region.

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