New-born Triplets Leave Hospital

The 506th batch of girl triplets born at the Pyongyang Maternity Hospital left the hospital on October 5.

Their mother is Kim Yu Jong, resident in Neighbourhood Unit No. 28, Songgang-dong, Kim Chaek City, and father Choe Ryong Chol works at the Songjin Steel Complex.

Diagnosed to have conceived triplets on May 19, she was admitted to the hospital, where she has enjoyed the benefits of the country’s socialist health care system.

The medical workers of the hospital held tens of consultations to ensure easy delivery of the triplets and took immediate measures to this end.

The triplets weighed 1.85 kg, 1.74 kg and 1.58 kg respectively at birth.

Now, they weigh 4. 18 kg, 4.3 kg and 4.09 kg.

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