An Auspicious Event of Moving into New Houses

Inhabitants in Jaegyong-ri, Sanyang-ri, Ryongbok-ri and Chondong-ri in Sunan District of Pyongyang moved to new houses in the run-up to the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

According to the master plan for development of areas around Pyongyang International Airport, hundreds of blocks of low- and single-storey dwelling houses, public buildings and facilities have newly been built in the Sunan area.

Modern farm houses built in the sunny places consist of several living rooms, kitchen, storehouse, etc. to provide convenience in living, and a garden where grow autumn vegetables.

Ceremonies of moving into new houses took place respectively in the above-said ris on October 2 and 4.

House licenses were awarded to the residents amid big hands of participants in the ceremonies.

The new residents sang and danced merrily in their new rural villages.

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