Korean Ox Is Propagated Widely

Korean ox is meek, clever and strong, and easy to breed.

According to historical records, the Koreans used it for draught and riding, and regarded it as an indispensable means for farming and valuable wealth of the nation.

Of late, the Animal Husbandry Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is directing efforts to the research for propagating it.

Its researchers make efforts to confirm its progenitor by making clear its genetic characteristics, increase its number through narrow breeding and propagate its improved species.

They take measures to give timely solutions to the problems for breeding cows with calf at pastures across the country and improve the cowherds’ level of technical knowledge and skills.

They also direct efforts to the study of creating pastures favourable for cyclic and separate breeding.

As a result, the number of Korean oxen the stature and weight of which meet the technical indexes is on the steady increase across the country.

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