An Affair to Be Conducted Regularly

That the officials go deeper among the people and mix closer with them is not a temporary work but a regular one to be carried on as long as our Party exists.

This is what Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said to the officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea who had been at several farms in Ongjin, Kangnyong and Pyoksong counties of South Hwanghae Province, which suffered severe damage from typhoon in August, before coming back from their successful work of encouraging the residents to the rehabilitation campaign, sharing joys and sorrows with them.

When typhoon No. 8 was hitting the country, he asked in real time about the situation of damage in the province within the typhoon area.

He repeatedly phoned the chairman of the Provincial Party Committee to stress that it was important to prevent people from being injured. When the chairman worried about the issue of implementing the grain production plan, he earnestly said: The target for grain production is important, but what is more important is to make people not to lose confidence and yield to difficulties. The more difficult the situation is, the deeper you should go among them.

That afternoon before the typhoon died down completely, he visited the typhoon-stricken areas in the province to learn in detail about the damage. Noting that it is one of top-priority tasks to be surely carried out by our Party to go among the people to share weal and woe with them and encourage and sincerely help them when they are in trouble and undergo difficulties, and that the Party Central Committee should always be with them when they are in happy times or bad, he instructed every department of the Party Central Committee to turn out in the rehabilitation of the damaged farmland and crops in the province.

So, officials of all the departments of the Party Central Committee, together with their family members, arranged relief materials for the flood victims that evening and, when the day broke, they rushed towards the afflicted areas.

It is a trait unique to the WPK, which gives top and absolute priority to the interests and convenience of the people, and a valuable national trait of the DPRK, to keep closer ties with them as their own parents when they are in difficulties rather than at good and ordinary times, and to save them from inconvenience and sufferings as early as possible, sharing weal and woe with them.

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