For the Health of the Aged

In the DPRK the aged people who have devoted themselves for the prosperity of the country and social progress spend their remaining years in happiness.

Public healthcare establishments and relevant units register all the aged in their areas and give them medical checkup and preventive and curative medical care on a regular basis.

Central hospitals comprise special departments for the aged.

Public health sector produces and supplies nutritious foods and tonics, as well as hearing aids, glasses, sticks and other auxiliary tools and rehabilitation appliances.

Under the care and benefits of the Party and the State, the aged enjoy medical service at sanatoriums built in different parts of the country.

Institutions for the care of the aged disseminate rhythmic exercises and health-promoting Taekwon-Do for the aged and organize mass-based sport activities in various forms and by various methods.

Sporting and rehabilitation apparatuses conducive to promoting their health can be found in the residential quarters, parks and playgrounds.

The country registers over-100-year-old persons and pays special attention to their health. And it sends birthday spreads to those on their 100th birthdays.

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