DPRK’s Policy on Protection of the Aged

The DPRK set it as an important policy of the State to take care of the health and living of the aged in a responsible manner and has systematically increased investment in the relevant sector to provide them with civilized and happy life.

According to the Socialist Constitution of the DPRK and the Law of the DPRK on the Protection of the Aged, the country combines the support of the aged by the State with the support by the family and thoroughly guarantees their health and right to cultural and emotional life and social activities.

The whole society is overflowing with the climate of giving preferential treatment to and looking after the aged who rendered services to the defence of the country and socialist construction, including the anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters, war veterans, Heroes and honoured disabled soldiers.

The trait of paying close attention to the aged and helping and respecting them prevails across the country.

In his speech delivered at the Sixth National Conference of War Veterans on July 27, Juche 109 (2020), Supreme leader Kim Jong Un said: Our Party regards it as a source of great pride and honour to have such revolutionary forerunners as you with noble attitude to the rising generations and the revolution, and it raises up the victorious wartime generation as models from whom everyone should learn, for all ages.

And he stressed the need to establish the climate of respecting, holding up and according preferential treatment to the war veterans and other forerunners of the revolution throughout society and make it an unshakable national trait.

In the DPRK, the rising generations regard it as a noble sense of revolutionary and moral obligation to accord respect and preferential treatment to the aged who distinguished themselves in defence of the country and socialist construction.

It has become a commonplace to think first of old people in doing anything, affording convenience to them and offering the best thing to them.

Many working people volunteer to be sons and daughters of old people with no children, war veterans and honoured disabled soldiers, and always visit their houses to encourage them and take care of their health and living.

Old people’s homes have been built in Pyongyang, Nampho, Rason and other parts of the country, where seniors who have no means of support are enjoying happy life.

Every year the DPRK organizes colourful cultural events on the occasion of the International Day of Older Persons to ensure that they make a tangible contribution to social development in good health. The country intensifies education and publicity on the protection of the aged as well as the international exchange and cooperation to this end.

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