Kaesim Temple

It is nestled in Mt. Pothak , Inner Chilbo.

It was built in 826 in the days of Palhae (698-926) and was later reconstructed or repaired several times. It is comprised of Taeung Hall (main shrine), Manse Pavilion, Simgom Hall, Umhyang Pavilion, Kwanum Hall and Sansin Pavilion. The main building faces west as suited to the topographical condition. In Manse Pavilion there is a bronze bell weighing 180 kg which was made in 1764.

The main building has 5 Buddhist sculptures and 7 altar portraits of Buddha on the wall. Several kinds of dragon sculptures are distinguished in this temple. Standing by the Kaesim Temple is a bamboo field called Chilbosan Joritdae and a 600-year-old chestnut tree. Both of them were registered as living monuments.

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