I Am Envious of Korean Socialist System

“The socialist system of the DPRK is really excellent.

“You will not know all how great the benefits of the free education and free medical care are.

“In other countries everyone must pay from the moment they enter the hospital and they cannot receive medical treatment without money. I am really envious of the socialist system of the DPRK.”

(Member of the Dalian Zhongli Weiye Trading Co. Ltd., China)

“It is great. I`ve come to know well how great importance Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un attaches to science and technology and how much attention he actually directs to developing them. I was told that the government provided scientists with three- to four-room houses worth exorbitant sums of money free of charge. It is unimaginable in the US and no one believes it. I feel confidence in the future of the fatherland.”

(A Korean American who visited the Wisong Scientists Residential District)

“In our country we have to pay so many kinds of taxes that it is very difficult for us to eke out a living with only wages. The wages of the workers in the lowest stratum of society are not enough to pay taxes alone.

“But your country is free from tax, as well as free education and free medical care. This is really a good system for the people to live in.”

      (German engineer)

“While visiting the apartment houses for lecturers at Kim Il Sung University today, I`ve come to have a better understanding of the great importance Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un attaches to lecturers and scientists of the DPRK. Since ancient times it has been said that the future of a nation hinges on education and I cannot but admire him for his foresight. I am sure that the DPRK will become a powerful country which develop by dint of science and technology in the near future.”

(Professor at Lorraine University in France)

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