Ryongwang Pavilion

Standing at the side of Pyongyang Bell, it represents the pavilion architecture of Korea.

It was first built during the period of Koguryo dynasty and rebuilt in 1111. The present pavilion was restored in 1670.

From olden times it has been frequented by people as one of the eight scenic spots in northwest Korea.

It is very impressive to enjoy the sceneries of the Taedong River on the pavilion.

It is associated with many legends and episodes about the people and a patriotic woman Kye Wol Hyang who fought to defend the Walled Pyongyang against the Japanese invaders.

Kim Hwang Won, a noted poet of Koryo dynasty, climbed the pavilion and tried to compose a poem of Pyongyang. But he gave up his writing only after writing two verses, saying that its beauty was beyond his talent, and broke his brush in tears.

The plaque inscribed with his verses is still hung between two pillars.

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