Kwangbop Temple

It stands 4 km northeast of the Central Zoo.

It is said that the temple was built in 392 by Ado, who first propagated Buddhism to Koguryo. It was the biggest of the ten temples in Mt. Taesong. It was rebuilt in the mid-18th century and restored in Juche79 (1990).

According to the monument to the history of the temple set up in 1727, there used to be many buildings, including Pogwang Hall, Myongbu Hall, Chilsong Pagoda and Samil Hermitage. They were preserved to the period the mid-20th century before they were burnt down by the bombings during the Korean War. The present temple consists of Taeung Hall (main shrine), monasteries in the east and the west, Haethal Gate and Chonwang Gate.

Taeung Hall has a rare architectural style; it looks like a two-storey building, but it is a one-storey building, in fact.

The gorgeously-decorated buildings of the temple go well with the surrounding landscape to add more to the beauty of Mt. Taesong.

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