Mirim Riding Club

Built in the Mirim area on the outskirts of Pyongyang, it is a public service centre for horse riding.

It was opened to the public in October Juche102 (2013).

Covering a vast area of over 644,600 m², it is provided with all conditions and environments for riding and training, including tracks for riding, training grounds, a house for dissemination of riding knowledge, a health recovery hall, a veterinary hospital.

As the 1 750 m long earth track and the 1 850 m long grass track in an oval shape stretch so wide beside the buildings of unique styles that visitors are carried away by the impulse to ride a horse.

The earth track is covered with sand mixed with salt lest riders should get rid of danger and get hurt even in case their falling off a running horse.

All the buildings of the riding club are decorated with logs so as to go well with its surrounding landscape. The club looks like a villa in the woods for a high level of afforestation and gardening.

An artificial waterfall and a pond make visitors feel as if they were in scenic spots and the resting place in a tent arouse a pastoral emotion.

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