Mangyongdae Schoolchildren’s Palace

Located in Kwangbok Street, it is a base for after-school education of the students. It can accommodate more than five thousand a day. The children take part in various extra-curricular activities according to their wishes and talents, consolidating the knowledge they have obtained at school and learning one or more techniques free of charge.

 It was inaugurated on May 2, Juche78 (1989), and renovated wonderfully in Juche104 (2015).

 It covers a total area of 214 000㎡ and a total floor space of 105 000㎡.

 Inside the palace there are over 140 rooms for performing art circles, a modern swimming pool, a gym with enough equipment for various sports competitions and a 1 400-seat theatre.

 The members of the performing art circles give wonderful performances occasionally, winning enthusiastic applause from the audience.

Looking round the palace, foreigners understand why Korean children are called kings of the country. 

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