Place That Must be There

One day in May some years ago Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave on-spot guidance at the construction site of the People`s Open-air Ice Rink.

Making the rounds of many places in the ice rink, the Supreme Leader suddenly asked to all the officials if there is a place for sharpening the edge of the skate blade or not.

The officials could not answer at once. Though they prided themselves on building the ice rink splendidly, they did not think of the problem of edge sharpening yet.

As if he read their minds the Supreme Leader generously smiled and stressed that since the ice rink is for popular use, a place for giving skates should be built well and there must be a place for sharpening the edge of skate blade by all means.

Never miss what is necessary for people’s convenience even if it is a minor problem―this was his intention.

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