Valiant Looks of Socialist Korea

The president of the Board of Directors of the Master Class Fund of Russia said that the Korean people is dynamically advancing along the road indicated by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to clear the path to victory, adding that he could not but admire the heroic spirit of the indomitable people who are overcoming all difficulties by their own efforts without relying on others.

The director of the Myanmar Medical Research Institute highly praised the DPRK, saying that it is fully demonstrating its might as a politico-ideological power and military power under the seasoned guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and that the Korean people are also making a fresh leap forward in the building of an economic giant by dint of the treasured sword of self-reliance.

The Korean people are making epoch-making miracles and changes by solving all problems by their own efforts and technology, closely rallied around Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, said the chairman of the international committee for the study of Songun politics for the peaceful reunification of Korea in Nepal. “The world will see intrepid socialist Korea rising with fresher looks.”

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