Even on a Rainy Day

It was pouring on the day in July Juche 102(2013) when Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of the Okryu Children`s Hospital.

The heavy rain instantly soaked the bottom of his jacket and trousers.

He made the rounds of several places of the construction site that day and emphasized the need to provide the best treatment conditions and medical equipment for the children. He said that officials asked him not to come to the construction site frequently but inspect it after its completion lest I come here on such a rainy day as today, but he could not. And he solved all problems that arose in its construction.

It was still raining when he came out of the building after looking round all the construction site.

However, the Supreme Leader went on his endless field inspection tour through the downpour of rain.

Indeed, it was an important occasion for the officials to cherish an unforgettable memory of his great love for the people and the future again.

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