DPRK, Great Country That Devotedly Serves the People

Participants in the 2nd General Meeting of Members of the Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il Foundation visited different places in Pyongyang.

On their visits to the Pyongyang Old People’s Home, Munsu Rehabilitation Clinic and Changgwang Kindergarten, they expressed their admiration, saying that the rest home is a paradise for old people where they can spend their remaining years healthily in excellent environment, that it is really amazing to see patients receiving medical treatment and medicines for free at perfect wards which are fully equipped with all necessary conditions like home, that kindergarteners’ artistic performance is very impressive and the DPRK’s system is wonderful as it spares nothing for rising generations and that it is the reality in this country that all the people, young and old, enjoy great state benefits. 

A visitor to the Mirim Riding Club said:

“The Mirim Riding Club can be claimed to be a world-level equestrian club. I heard that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un saw to it that the riding place of service personnel was turned into a comprehensive service centre for the people’s health and physical exercise. I have come to be well aware of the exploits of the leader who devotes his all to the people’s well-being.”

And visitors to the Korean Revolution Museum and the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum also praised the DPRK as the most powerful and greatest country in which everything serves the people.

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