Anecdote about Great Man on His Birthday 5

On Hill Road of Wonhwa-ri

On February 16 Juche 58(1969), Chairman Kim Jong Il set out on a visit to Wonhwa-ri, though officials earnestly requested him to have a rest as it was his birthday.  

The Chairman told the officials who were in wistful regrets that President Kim Il Sung had been worried about the preparations for this year`s farming of the Wonhwa Cooperative Farm a few days ago and instructed on several occasions to make Wonhwa-ri a model unit and generalize its experience to the whole country, and quietly continued that whenever he listened to the President`s instructions, his mind ran toward the village.   

After a while, he arrived at Wonhwa-ri and went up the hill road to a fruit garden with the farm officials.

He told them that ten years had already passed since the President told the farmers to develop the cooperative together with him, calling himself a member of the cooperative.

The Chairman went on to say that though they are talking about his birthday, he cannot enjoy his birthday as he is a champion of the President and that he felt the biggest pleasure and joy when he found a work which might help allay the President’s apprehensions.

Though darkness was setting in, the Chairman kept walking up and down the hill road as he specified the immediate and long-term tasks to be tackled by the farm.     

The hill road of Wonhwa-ri is still telling the story about the Chairman’s birthday which he dedicated for the development of the farm rather than having celebrations.

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