Shoe Samples Examined by President

It happened in June Juche 57(1968).

The officials of the relevant sector who made various shoe samples and sent them to President Kim Il Sung waited for his conclusion.

One July day some days later they received a box containing the shoe samples examined by the President.

The officials opened it in a hurry.

In the box were the samples stacked in a neat pile and a piece of paper was in each pair of shoes.

The officials unfolded each paper piece in excitement.

They read the notes one by one with deep emotion.

The notes contained two or three proposals for modification for some pairs of shoes and more than ten for the other pairs.

The President cared so much for the people`s footwear that he devoted his precious time to checking so many samples and pointing out their shortcomings one by one despite his tight schedule.

The officials were deeply moved by his lofty intention to provide the people with convenient and good-looking shoes in larger quantities.

This single anecdote about paper notes in shoe samples clearly shows that the people were always his top priority.

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