A Tree Planted in a KPA Unit

One March day in Juche 104 (2015) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited a unit of the Korean People’s Army.

Noting that today is the Tree Planting Day when President Kim Il Sung kindled the flames of the movement for planting trees, he understood the need to turn all the mountains into useful “treasure mountains” and “gold mountains” within the coming ten years, true to the patriotic cause of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il who most treasured the mountains of the country. And he carefully planted a tree he has personally brought.

He said that Kim Jong Il’s patriotism is the crystallization of genuine patriotism that holds dear every tree and every blade of grass in the country and requires one to devote one’s heart and soul to looking after them. He earnestly asked the service personnel of the unit to conduct the forest restoration campaign more vigorously, bearing in mind that they are creating a wealth of the country and the foundations for the happiness of the rising generation.

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