Necks of Socks

One day in December Juche 99(2010) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un inspected the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory together with Chairman Kim Jong Il.

That day, the Chairman referred to the need to bring about a fresh turn in the production of hosiery, especially to improve the quality of the necks of socks produced at the factory.

Afterwards when he looked round a new shop, the Supreme Leader learned about the necks of socks as he had always remembered the instruction of the Chairman.

After carefully assessing the quality of the socks “Choljjuk”, he told officials to further improve their quality.

On his another visit to the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory in July Juche 101(2012), he took out a pair of socks from the product container of a machine and pulled them at both sides. And he told officials about their necks again.

The officials felt a lump in their throat as they were told about the necks of socks once again by the Supreme Leader. They realized that he attaches so much importance to the hosiery part which is often neglected by others as he loves the people so much and gives top priority to their convenience and interests.

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