Designation Showing Chairman’s Affection

It was in November Juche 100(2011) when Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected a stone-processing factory. He was lost in deep thought for a moment, acknowledging the efforts of officials who built the modern stone-processing factory by themselves at the time when everything was in short supply. He then highly praised the factory as an asset of the DPRK and a plant that fully established Juche.

The officials felt as if they conquered the entire universe.

At the stone exhibition hall which was nicely built to meet the modern aesthetic sense with the high quality building materials produced at the factory, he satisfactorily looked at the samples of stones deposited across the country and described the exhibition hall as a showroom of patriotism epitomizing the country rich in natural stone resources. The proud reality in the factory is the precious fruition of the burning patriotism of its officials and employees who are determined to make every product the world-class one and construct every structure as the one of eternal value, he noted, calling the factory a perfect and patriotic stone-processing factory.  

The officials could not repress their strong emotion as they ruminated on the noble intention of the Chairman who called the ordinary stone-processing base a patriotic factory. 

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