Child Health Day Observed

An event was held to mark Child Health Day in the DPRK.

It was attended by officials of the Ministry of Public Health and related organs, the   Swedish and British ambassadors to the DPRK, the representative of UNICEF country office and other resident members of diplomatic missions and those of international organizations.

The speaker at the event underscored the need for all the participants to make positive contributions to growing children more healthily by sharing the common knowledge and experience and acquiring ample knowledge about child health.

It was followed by a seminar on child health.

Speakers referred to the problems arising in the management of children’s health including the prevention and medical treatment of diseases in their presentations under the titles of “Management of health of children in the first 1 000 days after birth”, “Breast-feeding” and others.

The participants looked round the photos showing the Korean children who are leading a happy life, enjoying the benefits of the socialist system and the cooperative activities of the country offices of international organizations in the DPRK. They also saw an art performance given by the children in Taedongmun Kindergarten and their sports and amusement games.

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