Grand Plan

One day in May Juche 103(2014) Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of apartment buildings for the lecturers of Kim Chaek University of Technology.

As he inspected different places of the site, he paid scrupulous attention to every detail lest there should be any slight inconvenience in the living of lecturers and researchers who would move into new flats soon.

While inspecting the construction site, he was mapping out another grand plan for scientists and educators.

He told officials that a full street would be formed when more apartment houses and public amenities were built on the banks of the Taedong River with these buildings under construction as the axis.

And he proposed naming the new street “Mirae Scientists Street”.

Under the warm care of the Supreme Leader, Mirae Scientists Street was built at the picturesque riverside as a beautiful street for scientists and educators in the era of the Workers’ Party.

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