Designations Show Boundless Respect of World’s Progressives

Chairman Kim Jong Il was a peerlessly great man who was highly praised and faithfully followed by the world’s progressive people.

It is evidenced by the many noblest designations they chose to eulogize the Chairman.

Dozens of them lauded him as the sun. They include the “sun of humankind”, the “sun of the revolution”, the “sun of guidance”, the “sun of Juche” and the “human sun.”

Such titles as the “greatest man”, “champion of justice” and “peerlessly great sage” are shining forever along with the immortal exploits he performed in human history.

A Russian poet highly praised the Chairman as the “giant of justice”, “generalissimo of peace” and “great hero born of Korea”, in an epic “March of Songun Victory” published in October 2003.

The progressive mankind lauded him, who was possessed of extraordinary wisdom, outstanding leadership ability and noble personality traits at the highest level, as a “great thinker”, the “world’s most outstanding military strategist”, “most famous person in the world” and “great sage who attracts all people.”

And they admired him for having formed a harmonious whole of the leader and people which cannot be found in any country, calling him the “great master of popular politics”, “political leader with prominent political philosophy” and “seasoned political master.”

Heads of Party, state and government and famous personages of many countries in the world who met Chairman Kim Jong Il were attracted by his noble virtue and personality traits as a great man and highly praised him as a “frank and unassuming man”, “active person full of energy” and “prepared leader with great insight.”

Indeed, the names and titles the world’s progressives accorded to the Chairman are the manifestation of their noble thoughts and feelings to uphold and follow the peerlessly great man.

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