South Korean Delegation Arrives

A South Korean delegation arrived in Pyongyang on October 4 to take part in a meeting for national reunification marking the 11th anniversary of the publication of the October 4 Declaration, as the first step for implementing the historic “September Pyongyang Joint Declaration”.

The delegation is co-headed by Jo Myong Gyun, minister of Unification; Ri Hae Chan, chairman of the Minju Party who is managing director of the Roh Moo Hyun Foundation; Ri Chang Bok, permanent chairman of the South Side Committee for Implementing June 15 Joint Declaration; Lawmaker Won Hye Yong; O Ko Don, mayor of Pusan City; and Ji Un Hui, former managing director of the Justice Solidarity for Settling the Issue of Sexual Slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army.

That day, an art performance was given at the Pyongyang Grand Theatre by the artistes in Pyongyang to welcome the delegations from south and overseas Koreans visiting Pyongyang to take part in the national reunification meeting.

After the performance, the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country hosted a reception for welcoming them at the People’s Palace of Culture.

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