Landmark Event

Newspapers, news agencies and broadcasters around the world gave a wide coverage of the news about the first summit meeting and talks Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un held with the US president.

Cuba’s Prensa Latina news agency reported that the DPRK-US summit meeting provided by the DPRK Supreme Leader as part of the effort to achieve détente and peace on the Korean peninsula is attracting the attention of the world.

With more than 100 Russian media outlets reporting the news about the summit meeting in a real time, Russia’s 24 TV broadcaster said that US president Trump, in a press conference, had described the summit meeting with the DPRK Supreme Leader as “great honour” and he has never used such an expression when he met with foreign presidents.

Even the conservative American media reported that US president Trump repeatedly praised the Korean leader in a news conference, saying “The north Korean leader has a great personality trait.  He is humorous and intellectual, and loves his people”.

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