Joint Taekwon-Do Demonstration Performances of North and South of Korea Held in Seoul

Taekwon-Doists of the north and the south of Korea gave joint demonstration performances in Seoul on February 12 and 14.

Among the audience were the speaker of the National Assembly, the representative of the Minju Party, the mayor of Seoul City and other personages of political, social, media, business and religious circles of south Korea, those concerned with Taekwon-Do and Seoul citizens.

Taekwon-Doists of the north and the south mesmerized spectators through the joint demonstration performance in Sokcho of south Korea, and they represented impressive scenes in the performances in Seoul, too.

Members of the DPRK Taekwon-Do demonstration group conducted the team and quintet patterns with dynamic and orderly rhythms and knocked out their opponents with swift actions and strong strikes in self-defense art, winning the admiration of spectators.

Whenever they perfectly performed diverse, powerful and special actions and general destroying actions, giving fullest play to their mental and physical strength, the spectators broke into applauses.

Taekwon-Doists of the south side also displayed unique martial art technique and skills.

The joint demonstration performances given by the Taekwon-Doists of the north and the south together deeply impressed the spectators.

At the end of the demonstration performances, personages of various strata of south Korea mounted the stage to congratulate the Taekwon-Doists of the north and the south, and spectators were reluctant to leave their seats for a long time, waving their hands.

The joint demonstration performances with the 23rd Winter Olympics as a momentum fully displayed the wisdom and strong spirit of the Korean nation and development of Taekwon-Do technique.


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