Joint Taekwon-Do Demonstration Performance of North and South of Korea

Taekwon-Doists from the north and the south of Korea gave a joint demonstration performance in Sokcho of south Korea on February 10.

Watching the performance were the president of the ITF, leading members of the IOC, personages of various strata from the south side and Taekwon-Do fans.

The members of the DPRK Taekwon-Do demonstration group, who have displayed the might of Taekwon-Do, the pride of the nation, on the global stages, gave full play to the mental and physical ability of the Korean nation, resourceful and brave, and the Taekwon-Do technique developed on a high stage.

Spectators broke into warm cheers and applause whenever the members of the group showed off the strong mettle of the nation, flawlessly performing accuracy, unanimity, speed, power, balance, rhythm and other details.

Taekwon-Doists from the south side also displayed their excellent technique.

Whenever the Taekwon-Doists from the north and the south of Korea perfectly performed together the original and diverse techniques of the orthodox martial art of the nation, the spectators were unsparing in applause.

The joint demonstration performance served as an occasion of powerfully demonstrating at home and abroad the mettle and bravery of the Korean nation as it was held amid great expectation and interest of all compatriots aspiring after national reconciliation and unity.


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