Meticulous Concern for Syringe Needle

It was when Chairman Kim Jong Il inspected the newly built Taedonggang Syringe Factory on December 19 Juche 89(2000).

After looking round different production processes, he examined trial products on display at the entrance hall. He said anxiously that the needles were a little thick and thick needles would hurt people who would get injections.

The most important thing at the syringe factory is to make the needles well so as to administer injections without giving patients any pain, he said, adding it is needed to manufacture the needles properly after making research into which material for them is good.

At that moment the accompanying officials were deeply moved by his warm affection for the people.

Everyone had thought that the syringes of the factory were nice, but no official had considered the thickness of their needles and the pain to be felt by patients. The Chairman alone applied his mind to relieving the people of the pain from injection.

Before leaving the factory, he told its officials that he would use its syringes from then on.

Like this, nothing was trifling matter for the meticulous Chairman in the work for the people, and the Koreans always remember his fervent paternal love for them.

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