For People’s Happiness (4)

On December 4, 2011, despite the biting cold, Kim Jong Il visited the Kaeson Youth Park.


The General asked an official of the park about the illuminations.

The latter answered, “The illuminations are so gorgeous that many people come here only to see them.”

The General nodded and moved down the park.

The official was lost in deep thought.


According to the original plan, the amusement park was not designed to be open at night. The illuminations were not arranged in such a splendid way, because they were deemed necessary to add to the festive atmosphere on holidays or national anniversaries.

On April 22, 2010, just before the inauguration ceremony, Kim Jong Il visited the park and pointed out: As the light intensity in the compound of the park is low, it is necessary to install in a harmonious way more flood lights and lamps at the buildings, on the lanes and in the garden. Then night will be as bright as day in the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park and the surrounding area. And the amusement park should be open in the evening, not during the day.

Later, according to a unique design, the refashioning of the illuminations was done. …

To the official who was still absorbed in thought, the General said:

“I have been told that our people come to the amusement park of the Kaeson Youth Park and enjoy themselves taking the amusements and seeing the kaleidoscopic illuminations at night, saying they must be entering the gates of a thriving country. As they like it so much, I am glad.”

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