Politics for the Future (2)

Nothing to Spare

At the kitchen of the mess hall he looked closely at the equipment and advised that the ice cream machine should be replaced with a modern one. At the birthday room he said that the children who were to spend their birthdays during their camping period would be very pleased when they received congratulations and posed for a photograph there.

At the circular restaurant he asked how much money was spent in renovating the camp.

After hearing an official’s reply, he said:

“There is nothing to spare because the children’s camp is a present I have decided to bestow on our children.”

He went on: I am very pleased that this large modern camp with an area of 40 000 square metres has been renovated for the good of our children. Songdowon International Children’s Camp is a present the Party has prepared with warm affection for children. Probably, it would be unimaginable in those countries where socialism collapsed and capitalist countries that such an excellent present as Songdowon International Children’s Camp is presented to children. Such a thing can happen only in our country where the politics for the future generation is administered.

He underlined that camping should be organized so amusingly that all students would look forward to being there.

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