Press Release of North Preparatory Committee for Pan-Korean Conference

The North Side Preparatory Committee for the Pan-national Conference for Peace and Reunification of the Country and Development of North-South Relations issued a press release on January 31.

The press release referred to brisk preparations now under way at home and abroad for the pan-national conference against the backdrop of the desire and will of the Koreans growing stronger to open up a new phase of independent reunification.

The South Side Committee for Implementing the June 15 Joint Declaration and organizations of different social standings, including workers, farmers, young people, women and religionists in south Korea, vowed to glorify this year marking the 45th anniversary of the July 4 Joint Statement and the 10th anniversary of the October 4 Declaration as a historic year of ushering in a heyday of the country’s reunification by holding the above-said conference with splendor.

The Pusan regional preparatory committee for the conference was formed on January 12, which was followed by the inauguration of the south side preparatory committee for youth and students’ reunification conference. And on January 19, the south side preparatory committee for the conference was inaugurated in Seoul with attendance of representatives and personages from organizations of different social standings.

The work to form preparatory committees is making progress in different areas including Seoul, Kwangju and South Kyongsang Province, and at organizations of various social standings including workers, farmers and youth and students.

Meanwhile, an overseas side working committee of the north, south and overseas joint working committee for the pan-national conference was formed on December 16 last year and various activities are now under way abroad for successfully holding the conference in conformity with the conditions in different regions.

Against the backdrop of such mounting atmosphere for opening the conference and brisk preparations for it in the north and the south and abroad, a joint working meeting is slated to take place in Shenyang of China early in February to discuss the issues related to the preparations for the pan-national conference, the release said.


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