Sill Repaired

It happened when supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the construction site of the Ryugyong Health Complex.
Looking at the exterior of the complex which was taking shape, he expressed great satisfaction telling the accompanying officials that it looks wonderful.
At the entrance hall he appreciated the construction of the walls, saying the stone-mosaic walls look nice and peculiar, and he made his way to the public bath.
He stopped before a pool.
With his hand on the rail of the pool, he had a good look at the step on which bathers are to sit in the pool.
Officials wondered why he was looking at it.
After a while, he told an official that it would be better to make the angle of the step somewhat dull because it might hurt the users.
The accompanying officials felt a lump in their throats.
Mostly, it was deemed as usual to make the step rectangular and no one ever thought it could do harm to the people.
The officials were deeply touched by the supreme leader who is much concerned about any improbable possibility to hurt the people.
They looked up to him hardening their resolve to serve the people more devotedly.

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