EC-121 Incident

The US imperialists were hell-bent on their incessant attempts to ignite a new war in the Korean peninsula. On April 15, 1969 they sent the spy plane EC-121 into the territorial airspace of the DPRK on reconnaissance missions. But the spy plane was shot down by a single gunshot from the air force of the Korean People’s Army who were staying on full alert to defend the airspace of their country.

This self-defensive measure was a stern punishment that conformed to international law.

The United States, however, threatened the DPRK, distorting the facts as if the plane had been shot down in “international airspace” during “lawful reconnaissance activities.”

The DPRK government issued a statement which exposed and condemned the aggressive design of the United States.

This incident dealt a telling blow at the US imperialists and greatly encouraged the world people in the anti-imperialist, anti-US struggle.

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