Religious Believers Meet in Mt Kumgang Resort

A meeting of religious believers in the north and south of Korea for national reconciliation, unity, peace and reunification was held on Mt Kumgang on November 9-10.

Present there were a delegation of the heads of religious organizations headed by Kang Ji Yong, president of the Central Committee of the Catholic Association of Korea and chairman of the Religious Believers Council of Korea from the north side, and a delegation of the heads of the seven religious organizations in south Korea headed by Ri Kyong Sik, representative chairman of peace assembly of religious believers of south Korea who is in charge of general affairs of the Jogye sect of Buddhism, from the south side.

Both sides said in their speeches that they held a significant gathering on Mt Kumgang amid towering expectation and interest of all the fellow countrymen for improved inter-Korean relations and national reunification and that support of the north-south joint declarations and their faithful implementation is the way to better the mutual relations and achieve independent reunification and peace and prosperity.

The religious believers who value love, justice and peace should lead the effort to preserve the atmosphere of improving inter-Korean relations which have been created with so much difficulty, promote national reconciliation and unity and reunify their country, they stressed.

They adopted a joint statement, in which they expressed their determination to make positive contributions to the nationwide patriotic movement to realize national reconciliation and unity, peace and reunification under the banner of By Our Nation Itself.

Meanwhile, the participants went mountaineering to the area of Kuryong Pool and Lagoon Samil.

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