OAH-23G Incident

As part of their ceaseless provocative attempts to ignite a new war in Korea, the US imperialist aggressors sent on August 17, 1969, OAH-23G, an espionage helicopter, deep into the airspace of the DPRK, instead of drawing lessons from the incidents of the capture of their armed spy ship Pueblo and shooting down of their giant spy plane EC-121 by the heroic Korean People’s Army.

That day the KPA shot down the helicopter and captured its three airmen.

This measure was a legitimate and stern punishment of the Korean people to the US imperialist aggressors who were recklessly seeking to infringe upon the sovereignty of the DPRK.

Just as they had done before, so the US imperialists tried their utmost to cover up their criminal scheme, but in vain.

After all, the United States signed a letter of apology at a meeting of the chief representatives of the Military Armistice Commission held in Panmunjom on December 3, 1969.

In the letter the US confessed that it had violated the Armistice Agreement by sending its war plane deep into the airspace of the DPRK. It also stated that it shall be held entirely responsible for flagrantly infringing upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and that it apologized to the DPRK for its crime, promising that it would never again commit such a crime and that it would strictly observe the Armistice Agreement.

In this way the US revealed itself as an offender and a criminal.

The DPRK side, with due regard to the fact that US had made an apology for its criminal acts and promised to keep the Armistice Agreement, expelled the captured airmen in the daytime that day.

Through the OAH-23G Incident the KPA demonstrated its invincible might and dealt a heavy blow to the US imperialist aggressors in their attempts to mount a new war. It served as a great inspiration to those foreign people who were waging an anti-imperialist and anti-US struggle.

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