Struggle against June 8 “Rigged Election”

On June 8, 1967 an election to membership of “National Assembly” was held in south Korea under the manipulation of the US imperialists.

The election was an unprecedented event in history in its fraudulent and repressive aspect.

That day the students and other people of different social strata turned out in a popular political struggle against the puppet authorities which attempted to elongate the state of armistice and pursued an anti-popular and traitorous policy.

The south Korean authorities hurled 35 000 policemen, 370 000 agents of the Central Intelligence Agency, 320 000 police agents and 20 000 members of the Anti-espionage Corps and other repressive forces into the operation to quell the unrest. In such a terror-stricken atmosphere swept over south Korea they rigged up the results of the election: The ballots were sold and replaced or cast in an anonymous and wholesale way.

The fraudulent “election” sparked off the pent-up anger of the south Korean youth and people against the authorities, driving them to a struggle against them.

The struggle started with the demonstrations to denounce and oppose the “election” which were held in South Jolla, North and South Chungchong and South Kyongsang provinces between June 8 and 9, and the rally and demonstration against the election of the Yonsei University on June 9.

The scale of the struggle expanded rapidly across the vast area including Seoul, Pusan and other 30 cities and counties and lasted for over 20 days.

From the outset the struggle was intensely waged and organized under the guidance of the Revolutionary Party for Reunification. The crowds held demonstrations, protest meetings and ceremonies of burning the criminals in effigy, shouting such slogans “June 8 election is totally invalid,” “Death penalty to the mastermind of June 8 election,” and “Uproot rotten politics.”

The demonstrators resisted the fascist repression of the enemy with stone and stick, knocking down more than 250 heavily armed riot police. They stood against the election to the puppet president and the “National Assembly” of south Korea and the military fascist rule and for right to living and democratic freedom.

The struggle, attended by 204 000 students from 145 universities and high schools, plus 32 000 workers, farmers and other people of all walks of life, gave a telling blow to the enemy.

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