“Group for Communization of South Korea” Incident

From March 1967 the puppet south Korean authorities arrested and executed 325 south Koreans including scholars and students who were studying in France, west Germany, United States and other countries under the cooked-up pretext that they followed north Korea and engaged in spying activities in south Korea.

In a public trial the victims claimed that accusations and statements were an out-and-out fabrication. They fought bravely against the colonial rule over south Korea by the US imperialists and the fascist oppression of the south Korean puppet clique and for social democracy and national reunification.

In December 1967 after more than ten rounds of trial the puppet clique sentenced them to severe punishments including death penality.

When the defendants took a firm stand against the groundless judgment, the case was passed to the puppet Supreme Court.

The puppet clique, in a bid to turn the court of appeal reactionary, had a notice in the name of the “Association of Patriotic Citizens” put up in different parts of Seoul and sent threatening letters to the judges.

As a result, the court of appeal in December 1968 ended in a similar way to the previous one.

The incident serves as an example of the heinous aspect of the political judgment by the fascist ruling circles in south Korea.

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