Unconverted Long-Term Prisoners

By unconverted long-term prisoners they mean the patriotic fighters who had remained true to their revolutionary principles while behind bars for scores of years in south Korea on the “charge” of their unyielding struggle for the defence and reunification of the country.

They could endure all sorts of lures, tortures and pressure to accept ideological conversion of the enemy because they cherished the deepest reverence for and absolute trust in their leader and Party and conviction in sure victory in the causes of the revolution and national reunification. They are incarnations of ideology, faith and will who demonstrated the truth that one wins when one adheres to one’s faith and that one perishes when one abandons one’s faith. In a word, they showed through their indefatigable struggle that socialism will surely win.

Chairman Kim Jong Il called the indefatigable fighters who fought unswervingly for the greater part of their lives with steadfast patriotic determination and faith in the country’s reunification incarnations of faith and will. He took all necessary measures to bring them all to the embrace of the DPRK.

Ri Il Mo, one of the unconverted long-term prisoners, and 63 others returned to the embrace of their socialist motherland across the Military Demarcation Line on March 19, 1993 and in September 2000 respectively.

In the DPRK the proud sons of the country are crowned with glory and honour. The title of the Hero of the DPRK and the National Reunification Prize were bestowed upon each of them. Now they enjoy all the benefits of the country under constant state concern.

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