Massacre at Ragyon Mine

During the Fatherland Liberation War (June 25, 1950–July 27, 1953) the US imperialists committed an awful massacre at the Ragyon Mine, Jangyon County, South Hwanghae Province when the Korean People’s Army was on a temporary strategic retreat.

The organizer of the massacre was Harrison, ringleader of the massacre at Sinchon County.

The US imperialists, upon swarming into the mine, haphazardly arrested and imprisoned a large number of workers and their family members and then inflicted atrocious torture upon them, finally driving them to death.

They killed 802 miners and other innocent people by kicking them into a 110-metre-deep shaft of the mine.

The atrocious Americans killed a female worker who led the movement to drive one mine car by one worker and her three children by forcing them to lie on the rail and moving a mine car over them. They tied up a worker who was a labour innovator in a pit and had his chest driven through to death with a rock drill.

They forcibly separated several hundred mothers from their children and then killed them in a pit. Meanwhile, they buried to death the children who were crying out in search of their mothers.

Inmin, Jungsan, Ori, and many other pits of the mine, Norumegi Pass, and Puldang and Sokjang valleys are stained with the blood shed by the patriots and other local people who fell victim to the brutal crimes of the US imperialists.

But, the US aggressors could not bring the workers of the mine to their knees.

The massacre revealed more clearly the barbarous nature of the US imperialists.

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