East Sea Incident

At the instigation of the US imperialists the south Korean puppets had their naval vessel intrude into the territorial waters of the DPRK on June 28, 1974.

This military provocation was aimed at tiding over their crisis and justifying their fascist crimes and moves to ignite a war under the signboard of anti-communism by extensively launching a campaign against the DPRK and diverting the attention of the south Korean people.

Around 8:50 a heavily-armed warship of the puppet south Korean army wormed its way into the area 6.2 miles north of the Military Demarcation Line and east of Suwondan which is under the jurisdiction of the DPRK and fired several hundreds of bullets at a naval vessel of the Korean People’s Army which was making routine patrols of the area before trying to escape southwards.

In response to this the other KPA warships sank an enemy’s warship and captured several provokers as an immediate and self-defencive measure.

Far from apologizing the KPA for their provocation, the puppet south Korean clique, however, deployed several fighters into the airspace of the DPRK, east of Jangadae, and bombarded at a KPA patrol ship between 11:03 and 11:14.

When their planned and organized military provocation was made public, the puppet clique called the chief of the unit to which the warship belonged to Seoul to save the situation. After consultation they announced that they would dispatch him to the spot and search the hull and belongings of the sunken warship. And they tried to cover up their aggressive design, insisting that the controversial armed warship was located on high seas.

Notwithstanding, when they found that there was no denying the fact that their warship remained sunken under the territorial waters of the DPRK on the East Sea of Korea and those engaged in provocation were under the control of the DPRK, they let their minister of defence confess at the Defence Committee of the National Assembly on July 1 that the warship went down about 6.5 miles north of the MDL.

This incident disclosed once again the aggressive scheme of the US imperialists and the puppet south Korean clique and proved that the provokers cannot evade the judgment of history.

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