Monuments to Loyalty

The monuments were erected to convey forever the ardent loyalty and high patriotic enthusiasm of the Korean compatriots in Japan and their great, sincere contributions to the prosperity of their socialist motherland.

Out of their patriotic devotion to render active services to the socialist construction in their homeland, the businesspersons of Chongryon (the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) have so far donated many factories and equipment although they conduct their business activities in difficult conditions.

Saying that the Korean merchants in Japan engage in trade and make money only for the sake of their motherland, Chairman Kim Jong Il called them genuine patriots who devoted their all for the prosperity of their country. Also, he made sure that they were awarded the Order of Kim Il Sung, the title of Labour Hero of the DPRK and other high official commendations and that several factories, hospitals and facilities were named after them. In this way he saw to it that their patriotic deeds would remain forever etched in the history of the motherland.

He most valued the pure loyalty and patriotism cherished by Korean entrepreneurs in Japan who do their utmost  to  contribute  to  the  socialist  construction in their motherland with ardent yearning for President Kim Il Sung, though they are living in Japan, a capitalist country.

One November day in 1981 he proposed building a monument to their loyalty made of natural granite in the compound of a factory donated by them.

Later similar monuments were erected in Kim Man Yu Hospital, Pyongyang Gold Lane, and other factories, hospitals and facilities.

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