US and S. Korean Warmongers Can Never Evade Responsibility for Igniting Korean War

The Korean war was an aggressive one which the US imperialists ignited to dominate the whole Korean peninsula and gain supremacy over the world by instigating the south Korean puppet forces.

The US pushed forward its moves to invade the DPRK on a full scale according to its policy of aggression on the DPRK after its military occupation of south Korea.

The US set up a group specializing in the operation plan and intelligence activities in MacArthur’s Command and studied and shaped a war scenario for years by mobilizing the “History Class” and “KATO” institutions made up of generals and senior officers of the Imperial Japanese Army.

In June, 1948 the US enacted the first “draft law” in peacetime in its history to increase its armed forces which will play a key role in the Korean war, drastically increased the military budget and grappled with the organization and expansion of the south Korean puppet army.

The US imperialists regarded it as an important link in the whole chain of their preparations for the war to have the command of the south Korean puppet army. They exercised direct control over recruit, organization, education and training of the puppet army units through the group of officers for military administration and military advisory group and offered south Korea military aid to the tune of a billion US dollars and introduced a lot of weapons and equipment into it.

Based on the above-said war preparations, the US imperialists ignited the Korean war by launching a sudden strike at the DPRK on June 25, 1950.

Every June the US and south Korean puppet forces hold “war memorial events” with a flourish of trumpets to shift the blame for igniting the war onto the DPRK and create the climate of extreme confrontation with the fellow countrymen.

With nothing can they evade the responsibility for unleashing the Korean war.

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