Struggle against May 10 Separate Elections

After Korea’s liberation the US imperialists occupied south Korea and attempted to perpetrate Korea’s division and reduce south Korea to their eternal colony.

In 1947 they unwarrantably took the Korean question to the United Nations, and rigged up the UN Temporary Commission (UNTC) on Korea by using their clout.

All the Korean people in the north and the south waged a vigorous struggle against the UNTC’s entry into their country.

However, the US imperialists managed to bring the UNTC into south Korean on January 8, 1948, and frantically endeavoured to rig up a pro-American regime by cooking up the May 10 separate elections.

President Kim Il Sung convened the Joint Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea in April 1948, in which he set out a policy for achieving the country’s independent reunification and took measures for national salvation. He also specified immediate tasks for dynamically launching a nationwide struggle to frustrate the separate elections.

As a result, the struggle against the elections took place in all areas of the north and south of Korea.

The Koreans in the northern half of Korea held mass rallies, demonstrations and other forms of struggle as an active support and encouragement to the south Korean people against the ruinous elections.

Greatly encouraged by this, a million south Korean workers went on a general strike against the separate elections and for national salvation on May 8, and others staged demonstrations and rose in revolt across south Korea.

According to the curtailed data released by the US military government, 228 “election offices” were attacked and malevolent policemen and candidates killed in a week before and after the separate elections.

After all, the May 10 separate elections were completely foiled by the people’s gigantic struggle.

But the US imperialists and their stooges rigged up the puppet separate regime by forging the “election” results. To rise against this, the democratic and patriotic political parties and social organizations in north and south of Korea unanimously declared the results null and void and disclosed and criticized the US aggressive moves and the treacherous acts of Syngman Rhee and other traitors.

The struggle against the separate elections demonstrated the united strength of the north and south Korean people who fight against the colonial enslavement policy of the US and for their country’s independence and sovereignty and establishment of a unified government.

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