We Must Place Our Nation before Anything Else

One day in May 1985 when he was giving instructions concerning the ongoing 8th north-south Red Cross talks Chairman Kim Jong Il referred to the need to take the initiative to exchange visits by Red Cross art troupes and home-visiting groups between the north and south of Korea.

Noting that there was no need to hesitate as the said matters were to share compatriotic feeling and link the bloodlines of the fellow countrymen, he stressed that our nation should always be brought into primary consideration.

On the day when the troupe and group of the north were to leave for Seoul he said to officials concerned that it would be really good if such an auspicious event takes place in the reunified country, adding that we should reunify our country as soon as possible so that all the fellow countrymen could travel freely between north and south, sharing compatriotic feeling and linking their national blood ties.

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